Sunday, October 01, 2023


So when I came home it turned out that my apartment mate, who is a splendid person, and over a decade ago was romantically involved with me but came to her senses, albeit late in the game, has once again discovered that her people dress funny and eat too much. That would be people of Chinese ancestry. Well, perhaps not eat too much The eating too much would be my people (Caucasians), I mean have you SEEN some of the people visiting our city? Good lord.

Anyway, she described a busload of Mandarin speakers down near the library.

Perhaps expensive bad taste is a thing?

If I spoke passable Mandarin, I'd put my hands together court-official style right now and flutter my retroflex r at her. Unfortunately, I don't. And she'd probably brain me with a tub of cookies (currently located in the space between her computer and mine).
Angry at being snarked.

Both of us speak English as native languages. And both of us also speak Cantonese, but hers is the Toisan variant, which sounds like Welsh to me, or almost like a Limburgian, whereas I speak HK language (though not at all well), and am therefore far closer to someone from De Bilt or Den Haag ('sGravenhage).

Sorry, those comparisons are better for spoken Dutch. I speak excellent Dutch.
She doesn't. Which is probably just as well. It's useless in the US.
The best Mandarin sounds distinctly furry.

In any case, loud clothing taste can set someone apart. Not favourably.
And it helps the authorities track them down.

"Suspect was wearing a knitted purple poofty hat, loud green and yellow check jumper, and zebra striped yoga pants. Metallic puce Nikes. Was last seen with a red shopping bag advertising a ginseng supplier, and a plastic bag of empty soda cans."

"Known to favor Hello Kitty motifs. Especially on socks and undies."

"Suspect tracked down on Grant Avenue. Several tourist blinded."

Probably NOT a mainland tourist. They seldom commit crimes as they've heard about our police brutality (which is something The U.S. is famous for all over the world), and any arrests would interrupt shopping sprees.

So possibly someone with diplomatic immunity.

Not Dutch, I can assure you.

Our horrid taste, though no less frightening, takes entirely different forms. Many of us when visiting wear Eurotrash garb anyway. Hello Kitty is English, not European. Remember Brexit?

We have Smurfs.

Sorry, totally free associating there.
My bad. Apologies.

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