Friday, October 27, 2023


The problem with my work days is that it's mostly dealing with special people. Somewhere there's an empty bus with discarded straightjackets inside. No, not the bus that goes through Sausalito on the way to and from. When pundits say that the country is more polarized than ever, what they mean is that most of it is stupid, and I'm thoroughly fed up with them.

At best, many people need to live in an assisted care facility with padded walls. The others need to beaten frequently till morale and their behaviour improve.

I have, in my mature years, become a crabby old bird.
Our universities, as just one example, would be vastly improved if there were hall monitors with electric cattle prods roaming the open areas. You know this is true.

Same goes for the entire city of Berkeley, the Market Street area in San Francisco, and all of Texas. Put the fear of prod into the heathens.

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Anonymous said...

I’d probably want to give New Braunfels, TX a pass because of its Schlitterbahn attraction, despite the fact that I’ll probably never, ever visit Texas again unless it is to attend an event of significance (the remains of my mother’s family lives there now, save for one sister in the South Bay). As for the cattle prod idea, well, yes, I know it is true. I also think many of us ought to be better armed for the dark days ahead. When Goddess Eris rears her chaotic head, we will need to be prepared. Until then…I will sip the HK milk tea and keep my eyes peeled for the ROUS that prey on us.

The back of the hill said...

Schlitterbahn. Rolls right off the tongue.

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