Wednesday, December 05, 2018


Apparently some old f*ckers in Northbeach are upset that they can't use certain sexist, racist, or gayist terms anymore. And I realize that I can live quite comfortably with that. My piles verily bleed for their perceived loss.
When I use the term C*&t, it is usually in reference to Trump.
F&*got refers to very bad music and dance.
Abba videos, for instance.
Or Elton John.

And the N word? Well, there was a tobacco blend (and a type of tobacco) that went by the name N54ger-head. No great loss.

So yes, I'm comfortable losing less than half a dozen words out of an active vocabulary in the tens of thousands. Horse's ass and assinine are still there. F9)king damned millennial, yuppie scum, and dickhead are in play.
As is the compound "stupid f*cking white people".
In lieu of 'sei kwai lo'.

"M-koi, nei man ha, ko sei kwai lo yiu mat ye."

"Please (go) ask what does that non-Chinese person (whom I instinctively dislike, because he looks like a yuppie scum dickhead) want". As one might say in a Stockton Street business to the personable and energetic woman working there. Usually they want to just look at the non-wasp shiznit, ask whether it contains gluten (麵筋), and then quietly fade out of sight.

If you absolutely need those terms which are not acceptable nowadays to express yourself, maybe you and I do not speak the same brand of English. Your vocabulary is that effing limited and minor that you are mushmouthed and crippled. And if that is the case, what could you possibly try to communicate that I would find worthwhile?

You're Johnny's idiot younger brother.
You're the Pothead after smoke.
You're Republican.

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Anonymous said...

"there was a tobacco blend (and a type of tobacco) that went by the name N54ger-head"

I remember being introduced to Three Nuns in the UK in, I believe, 1974 as I was motoring through the Highlands with a school mate. Noticing my look of puzzlement after I cracked open the tin (Those odd coin cuts did not look or smell at all like the St Bruno flake we usually smoked), he told me to lightly rub the coins of baccy and stack them in my pipe like vertebral discs.

As I loaded my pipe, I noticed the small black dot in the middle of the coin and asked what was that? My friend replied that type of tobacco is called N54ger-head, and I did not realise until many years later that he was referring to the Perique at the heart of that blend. Are we discussing the same tobacco?


The back of the hill said...

No, the Fribourg & Treyer product, which is now called 'Blackjack'.

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