Saturday, December 01, 2018


Thoroughly awful day yesterday; the cold. Yes, I know it wasn't that bad and that I am whining -- there were several people walking around hardly clothed, mostly young yups with pudge or exercise daemons -- but for a man with poor circulation and a crappy right leg, it was sheer torture.
Still, enjoyable. Day off. Lunch in C'town. Pipe.
Milk tea. Small pastry. People watching.
Condiments: 瑞士汁、Sriracha.

Fun reading about Trump and his folks having the nooses draw closer.

As well as discovering a video of Mimi Chu (朱咪咪、咪咪姐、朱月美) singing Hokkien. For someone older than myself, she still looks darn good. Sings better, too.

Great hair. Very charming and witty.

I've seen her in 老表,你好hea!

Chair of the 福建炒飯同鄉會 。

Sometimes she's on tour in North America. Your uncles and aunties would go see her. Maybe even your older brothers and sisters.

I have not seen enough episodes to fully grasp the backstory behind the 福建炒飯同鄉會 (Fujian Fried Rice Home Town Association), or, for that matter, the entire complicated tale of the apartment building where all the characters of 老表,你好hea!(sort of the sequel to 老表,你好嘢!) live.
Youngster inherits building with apartments above a supermarket. Takes over the supermarket, then hires the residents of the building. Including an environmentalist and organic food nut who instigates revolt.

It's complicated.
好複雜嘅 。


Last smoke of the day at sometime after twelve. Communed with a friend's small dog. First bowl in a Hardcastle bent bull, second in a Peterson Prince, shape 405, Republic period. Slight rain, no major downpour. No smell of bacon, as the street sellers of sausage had not been out along Polk.

After late tea just before midnight, of course.

Did not have to deploy the umbrella.

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