Saturday, December 08, 2018


When I returned to my neighborhood this evening, it was to scenes of madness and chaos. Drunken Santas, stripper elves, randy drug-crazed grinches, and terrified pedestrians. Santacon.
Worse every year. 'Santa' is an anagram for 'Satan'.
And the street smelled of marijuana. Can't wait for the cops to hose these people down with watercannons and start clubbing them.

Which makes my apartment mate going to bed early and being sound asleep in her room completely understandable. She is even less likely to participate in a drunken orgy than I am.

The sounds of excess were audible for hours. As well as sirens.

Three Santas of two genders should NOT be doing what they were doing at the bus-stop. And that's NOT where the Santa hat goes!

Bad Santa! No cookies!

Dinner tonight was a grilled sausage with a rich and hot curry sauce. It was delicious. On youtube, to drown out the revelry, songs from the nineteen sixties and seventies in Hokkien; even with subtitles in Chinese, dense to comprehend, because of non-standard characters and turns of phrase.

Just for the heck of it, here is what Google Translate does to one of them:

Dressed in a demon look, accompanying people to shake and shake
Red neon, sparkling, ignoring my heart
Ah, who will know the sorrow of being a dancer, secretly seeing it, and also knowing how to cough and cough
Ah, come and come to dance, if the footsteps are shaking, no matter who I am, I am a dream.

I dragged my heavy footsteps and went to the west with music
People are also talking about the mess, and the chaos is confusing
Ah, I am willing to have no one to know the shadows. The sorrow of the dancers is only seen through the eyes
Ah, come and come to dance, if the footsteps are fixed, no matter who I am, I am a dream.

That's actually pretty good. You can tell the thematic colouration.

紅紅 red red, utterly red; 傷悲 sad, sadness, heart ache; 悲哀 sadness, unhappiness, sorrow; 憂悶 even more sorrow; 亂亂紛紛 ongoing confusion and disorder, so messy (luen luen fan fan); 眠夢 sleep and dream.
The song has an upbeat party-party sound to it.

Some of the people outside were showing too much cleavage and flabbage.
I like the idea of cleavage. But only very selectively.
It's a good way to catch a cold.

No amount of mascara makes dead eyes sparkle.

I am not a fan of Santa or his con.

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