Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Three women: The assertive screaming woman, in her own words a "tough ass bitch" who did not understand the concept of indoor voice. The sweet bartendress, who might be described like George Ade's heroine, as having "a forehead which was shiny and protuberant, like a Bartlett pear", good humoured and pleasantly tolerant of all of us reprobates.
And Sunny, whose dog is small, patient, and forbearing.

The staff of the House of Prime, which included the first mentioned, was there. And it was because of the first mentioned that I spent overmuch time outside in the cold enjoying my pipe, as, like many Asperger types, loud screaming drunken good times give me a tension headache.
I was overjoyed when Jackie finally left.

The second mentioned, Sere..... , is because of her tolerance and pleasant personality, always a joy. She maintained her professional composure and her sobriety throughout.

The third woman is my generation. And reads more than is required by her job. Which makes conversation that much more interesting. She and her dog arrived after the screaming first mentioned person departed, and that was reason enough to NOT go out for the second pipe-full.

Plus her dog is small, patient, and forbearing.

Two smokes. Two Scotch and waters.
Two people who are nice.

As good a cap to the pre-christmas frenzy as one could possibly hope for.

It has turned bitterly cold. Two sweaters, one over the other.

Tomorrow, I think, two pairs of socks.

And the Canadian coat.

In the old days, antique crotchetts like myself could smoke indoors, at the bar, safely preserved from the bitter chill. But nowadays, because of the children, we have to step outside, and leave our whiskey and water unguarded on the counter, whenever we light up our pipes.

Because of the beastly children.

We are a horrid example.

I am not thrilled.

By the way: Screw Christmas. I've got so many layers of clothing on I feel like a polar bear. I am an apex predator, and people fear me.

It's the children.

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