Thursday, December 13, 2018


On the bus yesterday the old people next to me where talking about the last time any of them had been back to Hong Kong, Macao, or the Mainland.
And yes, how much things had changed there. For each of them, the return had been a refresher.

This week a good friend will be going to Germany to see his grand daughter (and a tobacconist); he returns next week. He mentioned a likelihood of cold weather the last time I saw him.

I haven't been anywhere in years, so of course I am somewhat envious of all these air-borne people.

It's all available on the internet, along with clear information about the weather there (Hong Kong: partly clouded, 57 degrees, no rain. Munich: cloudy, thirty degrees, no rain. SF: clear, 49 degrees, no rain).

The most exciting thing about my neighborhood in this city is, probably, the behaviour of the locals, because really there is nothing else to see here. We have more spoiled brat techno-yuppies and entitled hosebags than either of those places.

From the SF Examiner:

Two women who allegedly vandalized a Polk Street restaurant during SantaCon on Saturday were arrested Tuesday after video of the incident circulated widely on social media.
The two women, who appeared intoxicated, allegedly entered Shalimar restaurant on the 1400 block of Polk Street Saturday evening and complained that one of them had paid for food and never received it, according to police and other reports.
When an employee denied the woman had paid for food and refused service because she was intoxicated, she allegedly began knocking items over, including the cash register, and punched an employee who tried to confront her in the face.
The other woman allegedly smashed the restaurant’s door with a chair outside before they both fled the scene.
Videos of the incident circulated widely on social media, and on Tuesday two women surrendered to police.
Police arrested San Francisco resident Natalie Alcantar, 21, on suspicion of felony vandalism and Pacifica resident Hannah Baughman, 21, on suspicion of felony vandalism and battery.

Well, isn't that just precious?
One hopes that Natalie Alcantar (21) and Hannah Baughman (21) don't travel, because the natives probably won't like them.

Maybe they'll shoot arrows at both women.

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