Sunday, December 16, 2018


For her birthday dinner, my apartment mate wanted chicken wings and black forest cake. Okay. Can do. She is, like me, not particularly social, so there would not be anyone else eating this delicious repast in front of the teevee while both of us browsed the news on our home computers.
Computers. Not cell phones. Yes, we are not that generation.
She has one, her brothers insisted a few years ago.
In case mom had a medical crisis.
Her siblings still do not know that she is reachable by a land line. Precisely like my kinfolk have a hard time understanding that I too do not have a cellphone (they keep calling her message number).

Remarkably, my health plan has no problem grasping that the best way to reach me is by e-mail. They are used to dealing with Luddites.

Many of their members are stubborn foreignese-speaking fossils.
Which is why I chose them.

Anyhow, the chicken wings were from the Capitol Restaurant (京都餐館 'king tou chaan kwun') on Clay between Stockton Street and Waverly, the Black Forest Cake came from Lotta's Bakery at Clay and Polk.

839 Clay St, San Francisco, CA 94108.
Phone: (415) 397-6269

Address: 1720 Polk St, San Francisco, CA 94109.
Phone: (415) 359-9039

Both participants enjoyed their dinner immensely.
One of them added hotsauce to his wings.
As, naturally, you would expect.

Here it is, after three in the morning, and I am keenly aware that there is Black Forest Cake and a box of chicken wings in the kitchen.
Quite likely that is the breakfast of champions.

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