Saturday, October 28, 2017


My apartment mate called in sick yesterday. As a result, my third day off this week was somewhat noisy and pre-occupied, much like Tuesday and Wednesday. The first two days off were taken up with the bathroom, the refrigerator, and several years worth of tobacco. Because of a switch-out of the fridge, much stuff needed to be moved, including the contents of two sets of shelves ...... pipe tobacco. Don't ask. It's an obsession.
Bathroom has a new sink, tub, and crapper.

During all this shifting, moving, and renewing, my apartment mate and myself have been using the facilities in the apartment next door, which is vacant.

Yesterday, I ended up eating a squished Kit Kat bar (it was a gift), and arguing with a woolly Scotch person about a bog. Which started off as a reasonable conversation, but devolved very quickly to a harsh exchange about the climate and morals of our respective "home countries".
Upper-crust Caledonian accent versus snooty Dutchman.
I am the snooty Dutchman, you understand.
And an inferior sort.

The she-sheep's mother was querulous about what we had been teaching her youngest daughter Angus.

"We thought this was a good finishing school, that is why we sent you our child! Instead, you have been corrupting her, and exposing her to certain words!" "Oh, she's none the worse for it, trust me." "Well, we think we should ask for the tuition back." "We haven't charged you anything, we did it for free." "Be that as it may, even though we're Scottish, we don't necessarily always appreciate free things!""Oh, it's cheap at any price." "Hmmph!" "Why am I arguing with someone who lives in a bog?!?"
"Our bog is better than yours!" "No it's not, mine is beautiful!"

It went very much downhill from there.

Apparently I am a lout.

When I got back from the shower, the gibbon started talking about the Kit Kat bar upon which I had fallen asleep. He opined that it was ruined, and we should throw it out.
To pre-empt him doing so, and to show that I truly appreciated the tasty snack which he and the head-sheep had given me, I ate it.

Even though the head-sheep is older than Angus, he is not quite as smart. So she takes pains to know she deeply respects him, and tends to protect him from some of the others.

I'm not entirely sure why he gave me a Kit Kat bar.
Probably the gibbon suggested it to him.
As a nice gesture.

The gibbon gave him all the credit, but I feel certain that he was involved, because the head-sheep is .... not that smart.

Every one should be pleased to know that the Kit Kat bar was still crunchy.

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