Tuesday, October 31, 2017


In years past Halloween on Polk Street was an eye-feast of young naked breasts with bullet holes, gaping neck wounds, weird growths sprouting from chests and buttocks, and other such fascinating things. Often sported by people who were young, vibrant, likable, and tiddly.
It will not be so this year.

Halloween is in the middle of the week, very many people already started celebrating last Thursday, so critical tit-mass will not be attained, and the population has changed. More programmers, which means more Indians ("reserved, ji"), more pudgy white guys who subsist on a diet of engineering kibble and video games, and more chunky immigrants from the rest of the country, who lack imagination, wildness, and trimth.


It's a pity. This blogger is a complete sexist, and prefers the nudity to which he is exposed on the public street to not be morbidly obese, reasonably glowing (except during daylight, when everybody is one hundred percent visible), and distinctly non-octogenarian. As well as arguably female.

Think primarily in terms of trimth.

These are practical considerations, you understand.
Titillatory effects are about aesthetics.
Everything else is just ........
"interesting". Yes.

Quite contrariwise, only naked people should wear high heeled shoes.
Irrespective of gender and weight, skin-hue, race, and age.
All that is necessary is that they are adults.

But not people working in the hospitality industry at that moment.

If you want to throw a cosy little soirée for nude octogenarians, perhaps with everybody walking around enjoying cocktails and rumaki or tandoori chicken wings, you must insist that all of your guests wear high heels.
It is right and proper that they are so "dressed".
The wait-staff should be fully clothed.

No, I shan't detail what I do in my private life, or how I disport myself when inspired, or if I ever indulge in titillation. It would be boring and mundane. Nor do I own a pair of high heels. In fact, few people I know have them. My ex once had some black pumps, but she got rid of them a long time ago.
I remember that the effect was stunning.


Halloween will be on the weekend again in another few years, and perhaps people will be less reserved, more presentable, and as "likable" as they once were. That's better than any amount of high heels.

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