Monday, October 02, 2017


While yanking out a nostril hair I suddenly realized that the reason a certain person now pretends I do not exist and no longer responds to my cheerful greeting whenever we meet is that the poor bastard probably thinks that I am a frightful racist. Which of course I am.

He's Filipino, and I've said thoroughly nasty things about Filipinos.
Among other things I called them vulgar consumerites or arrogant illiterate snobs.
Most recently, I called their society "vicious, rotten, and depraved".
In this post: "we are better than Asia".

But please, read everything I've ever said about the place by following this link: The Philippines. There are over a score of essays in that string, which may not have been as complimentary as merited.

Isang 'hamster' ina mo, at amang mo mabaho tulad ng mga 'elderberries'!

Further examples of bigotry: I am on record as describing Pakistan as sodden with dumbasses and jihadis, India as 'Rape-i-Stan', Vietnam and Cambodia as malarial bogs, all of South East Asia as periodically murderous, especially to their minorities .....
Pestilential trash heaps.

I've also said unpleasant things about the Chinese.
And the Japanese. And Koreans.

And all of Europe.

Belgians, ugh!

If I haven't made a shitty and entirely truthful remark -- or several such, which are all well-deserved -- about your nationality or ethnic group, it is because I haven't gotten around to you yet. You may not have made much of an impression in any case.


Visayans speak miserable Tagalog, but believe that their "yaya-katulong" English is better than anyone else's. Conversely, Manileños speak a florid English filled with words they don't really know the meaning of, and think other Filipinos are provincial and ignorant.
Which they are.

Batangueños are foolhardy, backwards, and given to murderous rages, the Bikolanos are indolent, unwashed, and stink of coconut grease, people from Bohol are overly religious and superstitious, practically idiots.

Caviteños are short-tempered and violent, Cebuanos have truly abysmal musical tastes, Davaoans are all egotistical drunkards, Ilokanos are cheap miserly bastards, Ilongots are quite incapable of dealing with money, Moros are all traitors, Panggalatoks are fussy cooks (but not very good -- don't hire them for kitchen work), tribals have tails, and the less said about the entire south, the better.

And all of them, without exception, from the northernmost tip of Luzon to the sea between Mindanao and the Sangihe Archipelago in Indonesia, are convinced that Caucasians are as smelly as dogs, and just come to the Philippines for sex and shopping.

Talaga, yan.

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