Sunday, October 29, 2017


On the way home last week I passed a mommy and her charming daughter, who was a cute little girl with a Hello Kitty backpack. I also have a Hello Kitty backpack (which I mentioned here: Squeal!).
I did not have it with me at the time.

It is not that I wish to seek comrade-ship with her.

Nor do I wish to be her, or to be like her.

I do not wish to know her either.

But if I had a daughter, it would be lovely if at some point in her childhood she resembled that little girl.

With her own Hello Kitty backpack.

It has to be a different pattern, though, because it would not do if she took mine to school with her by accident. Her teachers would be aghast at the pipes and tobacco inside, and might suspect her of moral turpitude.
I would undoubtedly hear about it later.

My pattern.

I am perfectly happy being a badger.
With a Hello Kitty backpack.
Pink, black, white.

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