Tuesday, October 03, 2017


Food was implied if not actually mentioned prominently in the two previous posts, and it is a significant element in many of the essays on this blog.
I have a shocking confession: I have never photographed my lunch.
Or my breakfast, dinner, and mid-night snack.
Or even a beautiful cake.

I do not have a cell-phone, because I do not need one.

"But what if there's an emergency, like an earthquake or fire, or you're going to be late?"

If there's an emergency I'll deal with it then like a rational human being, either by handling the situation semi-calmly or screaming in a panic. In an earthquake they will not find my corpse under the rubble any faster if I took a selfie at the very moment the temblor struck, and if I am going to be late, either I'm actually going to be late -- you know that time is not effected by appropriate texts and selfies, don't you? -- or I'll head back to my place and call to forewarn whoever it is, assuming that they have a phone.
And I'll be five or ten minutes later than otherwise.
That's happened twice in the past five years.
For that I need a cell phone?

My coworker whined at me the other day that he could never text me to say that I should stop smoking those horrible aromatics which make him gag. Which, of course, I only smoke because they make him gag.
I like his pissy offended purism when I do that.
I never smoke tooty frooty pipe tobacco when he is not around, because it would be pointless.

I told him to try my landline number.
There is no message machine.

I have no twitter account. No insta-message. No snap-chat. No lunch or dinner apps. I never even had a MySpace page. I did have a dating profile for a while, but I nixed it a few years ago because I did not find what I was looking for (no takers, no nibbles, not even a peep). The only reason I have a Facebook page is because someone horrid in the grass roots group of which I am no longer a member posted photos that could only be seen on Facebook nine years ago. I unfriended that person six years ago.
Very few of them knew about food in any case.

I still do emojis the old fashioned way.
Semi colon, hyphen, parenthesis or D.
Roundness and yellow are implied.

Same blog for over a decade. It serves my need to "voice", even if no one clicks "like" or "laughing". I am Jeremiah howling in the wilderness.
I have changed considerably since it began.

Here a picture of roast goose (燒鵝). It is crispy-skinned and delicious.

一樂燒鵝 脆皮好吃:香港米其林一星中環美食推薦
Yat Lok (in HK, Central District). Michelin Guide, one star.
[No. 34-38, Stanley Street. Exit D2, MTR Central Station.]

The profile of the person who took the photo is here: Banbi -- about.
A scroll-through of that blogger's Facebook (美食旅遊) rather indicates that the person may be female, possible between twenty and fifty years of age, and likes salmon, cake, flowers, and sandwiches.

Which, honestly, is enough.
Nice food pix.

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