Wednesday, December 07, 2011



The courtyard is perfumed by roses, they always flower at this time.
Stray petals have fallen to the ground, a blossom beckons.
This place enchants when everything is right. And now is very much the right time.

Beyond the ancient apple tree the tall grass strokes the legs. One can lie face down and sniff the herbal tang, feeling a fresh softness all over. Surrounded by the dense shrubbery it is utterly private.
Quiet, quiet, still.
Lose oneself in the moment, close the eyes and feel the surrounding garden.

Twitch awake and happily recognize both time and place. Such a nice dream!
Roll over, watch the moths circle dizzyingly around the street light.
They are enchanted by the glow, whirling ever nearer.

Is that a field mouse over there?
Small and furry. Black eyes.
Twitch. Scoot. Gone.

A breeze ruffles the stalks of grass, it feels like feathers against the face.
A distant thrumming heralds summer rain.
Lie here in the warm darkness, and let these droplets cool the night.
It is too soon to leave.


It sounds so happy in here, and the noise of other people makes everything more delicious.
Revived by the food and tea, you pay, politely thank the owner of the café, and leave.
Impatiently mount the bike - one thrust, and roll smoothly forward.
Very good to be alive.

In early autumn it is cooler at twilight, a breeze is velvet upon the face and the first fallen leaves swirl along the path.
Entering the courtyard you notice how still it is, a different world. The noise of the street is far away, now faded to a murmur.
No one else is home, they will not be back for hours. The house is all yours.

Through the silent building, upstairs to the room filled with books.
Pause a while, lazy, private, and happy, till the streetlights come on and sharpen the shadows in the darkened chamber.
Day has ended. But the day is still young.
One of the cats nudges up, purring.

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Anonymous said...

You have changed.

The back of the hill said...

And as I now know, the best drink for summer is sour plum soup - suen mui tong (酸梅湯).

See this post:

You can make it at home, yes, but better simply buy it in Chinatown.

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