Monday, December 12, 2011


Much of life in the modern world can be seen in the context of establishing one's individuality.
This often dominates the early adult discourse.
Being recognized as a distinct and unique individual is probably a driving force underlying many of the actions of teenagers and twenty-somethings.


And sometimes, moronic.

Consider, for instance, the tramp stamp. That being the colloquial term for a tattoo placed on the lower back right above the gluteal region of a female.
Unless it is visible, it is entirely pointless. And for it to be exhibited to an appreciative random audience, the clothing has to be amenable to a full view of the area in question. Which, in almost any imaginable environment except a sleazy pick-up joint, will be inappropriate.

Individuality is best manifested through character, personality, and the consideration of others.
A tramp stamp (or any other tattoo) does not achieve that.

Rather, a tramp stamp draws the eyes downwards, and at a minimum tells the viewer: "this woman is either someone's property, or has a very poor estimation of her own bottom".
If it is unusually large or bulbous, the colourful decoration does NOT detract OR distract from that, but unfavourably emphasizes it.
If the posterior is small and charming, the personal trademark completely ruins any positive effect.
And if the permanent marking is her name, it suggests that she has scant confidence in the short-term memory of her romantic partners.


There is, in fact, no flattering interpretation possible for a tramp stamp.
Showing it off by bad clothing choices compounds the flaw.

Perhaps it is meant to convey "I am unique, and a proudly sexual being".
If so, it fails also in that regard.
Instead it suggest a pathetic need for attention of an erotic nature that cannot be attained by a sparkling personality, intelligence, talent, knowledge, wit, insight, or any other positive virtue.

A tramp stamp is, in all ways, a permanent admission of low self-regard.

I can well imagine that there are girls out there who are pleased with the aesthetic qualities of their back and buttocks. Far be it from me to deny that those things can be utterly enchanting.
Like a huge proportion of humanity, tasty pulchritude appeals enormously to this blogger.
Nay, it occupies a fair amount of my attention.
Aesthetic appreciation is me!

However, if it is indeed a lovely portion of your anatomy, I would above all encourage you to reveal it to me in private. Showing it off to every Tom, Dick, and Harry, lessens my interest, and that of any other decent man.
Sharing it with the world means a lack of discrimination.

Should you fear that you might never have a chance at my enthusiasm or a critical review, please do not worry; I am keenly curious, and it is actually quite easy to get my attention.

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jonathan becker said...

i understand, you live in san francisco. but i wouldn't obsess over this issue to much, even so. chicks have been doing the darndest things to "beautify" themselves since caveman days. it is not for us to wonder why....

The back of the hill said...

I obsess over all parts of the female body, not just the rump. But adding a tattoo is just gilding the lily.

jon said...

i agree- but so are most of the popular "beautification" procedures.

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