Sunday, December 04, 2011


Sometime in the next few days I shall be dining at a restaurant on Waverly Place.
There are several dishes on the menu that look quite tasty.

Hahm yu yiuk bing pochai fan (鹹魚肉餅煲仔飯), am-tseung pochai fan (鵪春煲仔飯), sang-gwan gaptai jook (生滚及弟粥), siu-ngaap wantan mien (燒鴨雲吞麵), leung-gwa pan kau fan (涼瓜斑球飯).

Respectively: salt fish minced pork cake claypot rice, quail claypot rice, fresh poached pork giblets rice porridge, roast duck wonton noodles, and bittermelon cod rice.

And many more.

[NOTE: salt fish and minced pork patty is a very home-style taste. Quail is usually written 鵪鶉. Sang-gwan (生滚) means that the meat or fish cooks in the heat retained by the porridge. Wantan can be minced pork and prawn OR mostly prawn inside a dough skin dumpling. Bittermelon is delicious! And codfish is commonly 鱈魚 (seut yu), but 'pan' (斑 variegated) shows up in many colloquial fish names. Kau (球 ball, sphere, globular item) refers to the style of cutting the fish into stirfryable pieces.]

The main reason I shall eat there is that while I was strolling down the street smoking my pipe, a delightful bright-eyed young lady came out and handed me a menu.
That by itself is not sufficient reason to eat somewhere. But the menu is very appealing.
And do I need to stress that she was delightful and bright-eyed?

I am looking forward to dinner.

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