Thursday, December 29, 2011


You do NOT need to know how I found it. Suffice to say that the search was both arduous and perverse.
But I am more than happy to share the results with you.

The blog to end all blogs that blog about Asian movies.
Especially the really crappy ones.
Glorious garbage.

Backyard Asia
Not J-Horror. Not cute animé. Not Godzilla. Not new Korean. Not Pink movies. ... BUT INSTEAD ... the weird, unknown, FORGOTTEN, never discovered, TRASHY, wild, gory, absurd, INSANE, dark, nasty WONDERS from the Asian backyard!!!

My lord, some of these movies are stellarly bad. Flamingly bad. Stomach-crampingly bad.
Even if the theatre were running a half-price triple feature marathon, you would want your money back.
And then the next day you'd put on a fake moustache and speak in a foreign accent, hoping that the guy at the ticket window wouldn't recognize you as the belly-acher from last night.
Because no matter what, you gotta see every one of them again.
That's the only way you can be sure that they exist.

This is some seriously good stuff.

My compliments to the film buff (Jack J) whose blog it is. Who has devoted his life to fondling grimy tapes of these howlers, and lovingly writes paeons in praise of these films.
I am in awe. Thank you.

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