Friday, December 30, 2011


Memorable people are the ones you almost never notice. That is to say, often what is considered remarkable about others is no more than a superficial appearance, the glib talent, or an over-emphasized attribute.
What really should be praised is the ability which they themselves do not think special, or characteristics which mark profound and unusual qualities.
What is worthwhile always takes intelligence to discover.

One sometimes sees smiles which are so warm and honest that the person stays in one’s mind long afterwards. Not very often, as most smiles are studied responses to social circumstances, and meant as communication. The smile which reflects a wonderful enjoyment of the moment, a sincere pleasure at seeing someone, or sheer happiness, is rare.
A nice face is made infinitely more beautiful by just such a smile.
Sadly, intelligent people are frequently handicapped by thoughts that interfere.
A brain that is too busy can keep the face from radiating.

Dining with another person is a marvelous treat. Both good food and pleasant moments are lovely distractions, and encourage a temporary dissolution of cares. People are naturally more relaxed when eating, shields are down, and how sweet it would be if that moment might last forever.
Imagine candlelight, crisp tablecloths, sparkling glasses...... surely that has already changed your mood?
Perhaps you need a glass of champagne and a lovely dish of crème caramel?
Followed by a stroll from streetlight glow to streetlight glow.

A quiet apartment away from crowds, half-dark late on a wet afternoon. This, too, induces happiness. You are indoors and there is no further reason to go out into the rain. All you want is at hand, it’s time to unwind and let your mind swirl.
Who knows what pleasant thoughts may rise?

The comfort of eating with another person, private moments, and perhaps falling asleep in an overstuffed chair as the splayed book slips from your fingers.
Life can be both quiet and good at such a time. A throw-rug will keep you warm and toasty, inside and insulated from the world.
Rain drums steadily against the windows, softening all other sounds.
Your eyes close, your face relaxes.
You smile.

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