Wednesday, December 28, 2011


It took a while, but I've finally grasped that I don't do the 'wise uncle' role very well. Years ago, a friend asked if I had any advice for his daughter when she was going off to college. We were all sitting around the table after dinner the night before he planned to drive her and her stuff across country, and he realized that despite his worries, she was just so brimming with anticipation that she wasn't even listening to him. As a friend, I could have told him he was wasting his time. Young people and college? It's an un-ending prospect of booze, pizza, and shocking behaviour.
Those are the fundaments of our educational system.

Did I have any sensible words I could pound into her head?

"Always make sure that your boy friend is older than your whisky!"

That is all.

The pained look in his eyes told me that I had fully and completely FAILED the avuncular role he had chosen for me.
Her expression, however, said that she was taking my advice to heart, completely, and fully.

Despite his hesitation at having me around whenever his little girl is back during break, because of my lack of seriousness and my supercilious attitude, it turns out that I am still her favourite "uncle".

Plus I can talk about booze, pizza, and shocking behaviour.
Specifically his, before she was even born.

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