Thursday, December 15, 2011


The title of this post bears no relation to the content.
Which is quite unfortunate, as the contents of such things, ideally, are nice college students.
Though sometimes frat boys, who are not nice.
Neither of those quantities are present.
I wouldn't know what to do with the second in any case.
Call an exterminator?


Rainy weekend day, Nob Hill. Check letter box before unlocking front door. Up the stairs to an empty apartment, and into the kitchen. The paint is yellowing, it has been years since it was recoated. But it is clean here, and warm. While running water for a hot cup of cocoa, note that the branches outside are stroking the window. The tall trees are gently bending in the wind.

When the hot cocoa is ready, pour it, and sit on the table slowly sipping.
Say, what's in this back pack anyway? Wow, lots of stuff, I had no idea this was all in there.
And even one of these!
Oh goody. Let's put that to good use.


Afterwards, pad softly to the living room and peek at the scatter-lit darkening street outside through the curtains. Still wet, still so very very wet.
Nice and quiet, private, secret even, with no lamps on.
So silent in here, comfortable, dreamy.
It's been a good afternoon.
Early evening now.
More cocoa?

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