Monday, October 21, 2019


So. I am a very tolerant and agreeable man. Earlier today I listened to cigar smokers being themselves, as well as a stoner who needed a new stem for his Sasieni. When I came home, my apartment mate had to vent her spleen about the precious oh so precious Filippinas at work, women who per their own assertions are more competent than in any objective sense, and therefore pretty damned incompetent and a pain to work with.
Which I too have done.

One of them always took great pains to highlight my errors and mistakes, real or imaginary, in hopes that I would end up dismissed, and her brother in law could get my job. Two others, at a law office, could never remember my name, because I was slightly below them in payscale, but could remember the full names, plus nicknames and middle names, of ALL the two hundred plus billing partners, AND their executive assistants.
And spouses and children.

Those are just three examples. There are many more. Working with Filippinas can be mighty educational.

Though tolerant and extremely agreeable, I would prefer never to work with Filippinas again.

Philippine Americans, on the other hand, are a different kettle of fish. Those can often be delightful to work with. The key difference is whether they were reared here and worked hard to get an education, or were reared there, told that they were special all their lives, and got an "education" because of family money and influence. Honest people, or privileged class.

Anyhow, I've said too much about Filippinas already, and I'm probably gonna get stabbed by one of them once I set foot outside the front door.

Likely someone whose uncles are in government.

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