Saturday, October 19, 2019


According to American ambassador Pete Hoekstra, the Netherlands is very much co-responsible for what is going on in Northern Syria. After all, it was the Netherlands which withdrew first.
What he fails to see is that this was in consultation with other nations, and as part of the Netherlands preparing to switch from F16's to F35's, as per obligation to the Americans.

Source: Nederland medeschuldig aan chaos Syrië.

Ambassador Pete Hoekstra is a certifiable idiot.
In addition to being completely up Trump's arse.
He's a typical meanspirited Christian Republican.

He opposes abortion rights, expanding health care benefits for children, gay adoption rights and gay marriage, gun control, product misuse lawsuits against gun manufacturers, and the Federal Assault Weapons Ban.

He asserted, with Santorum (another loony), in 2006 that weapons of mass destruction had been found in Iraq, and was contradicted by Pentagon officials and the intelligence community.

He's in bed with the Heritage Foundation, the teaparty, gun nuts, Michelle Bachman, and the various xenophobic and anti-Muslim groups that litter the rightwing. A real piece of work, and a disgrace to his ethnicity.
Like so many of the Michigan Dutch.

Like the vast majority of Dutch Americans in Michigan's 2nd congressional district, Pete Hoekstra is a stiffnecked arsehole.
Thoroughly unpleasant.

Het 2e congresdistrict van Michigan

Een stelletje azijn zeikers en bigoten van jewelste, die vrijwel alles dat niet hunzelve is haten en verfoeien. Mooi dat die kloten uit Nederland vertrokken, maar toch erg jammer dat een enorm groot deel van de staat Michigan, aan hun te wijten, reeds lang een "no go zone" geworden is.

Velen van hun zijn pathologisch, en onrein.
Godlasterend giftig volk.

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