Sunday, October 20, 2019


While I was enjoying my bowl of curried stringbeans with sambal, meatballs, and mee, it struck me that it has been almost ten years since anybody hugged, kissed, or cuddled me. Obviously curry mee is more reliable. This despite the very obvious lack of female charms that curry mee, of any type, has.

Hard question: do I want hugging or kissing, or would I prefer curry mee?

Given that curry mee IS among the possibilities, and all that other stuff is rather non-existent, it's probably wiser and infinitely more realistic to go for the curry mee.

Curry mee won't object if I have some ice cream afterwards, or a cup of coffee and a cigarillo out on the steps. Instead, curry mee might say "go for it, big boy", or, gently encouraging, "ooh, you ravenous beast".

Which are words every man wants to hear.

Following a bowl of noodles.

Spicy noodles.

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