Saturday, October 05, 2019


The news reports that large parts of Asia are experiencing torrential rain this season. Flooded neighborhoods, make-shift bamboo rafts, and unbelievable sog. Which is typical of the monsoon season in South and South-East Asia, but this year much more than usual.

One thing you could experience is that the lizards and pit vipers may come indoors. And live just above your head in the rafters.

FYI, there are several species of crotalids in the Old-World Tropics.

You will notice that your rodent infestation decreased.

On the other hand .....

There is no positive other hand here. Everything smells markedly of mildew and rot, your books are moldy, as are your shirts (iron them to kill parasite eggs), and there is a poisonous serpent sleeping above your bed. Best take a trip to Singapore or North-America for the duration. Might as well forget about finding yourself amidst those ancient Buddhist ruins. Or whatever spiritual growth you were hippie-like hoping for.

Insect life thrives at this time of year. Mosquitoes, for instance, will proliferate. But there are bugs of any size and range of unpleasantness that will happily share your dwelling with you, and exercise proprietary rights.
To furniture. Food storage. Armpits.

Errm. Ignore that.


Naturally I encourage middle-class American tourists to travel during this time of year, because it's so educational, mind-expanding, and a profound experience that they will remember for a life time.
They can boast about it to friends.

Europeans too! Don't visit the SF Bay Area, we have nothing here. Instead: Subrahmanya Temple and Mahabalipuram, in Tamil Nadu; Lad Khan and the Badami Caves, Karnataka; Gangaramaya and Polonnaruwa in Sri Lanka, Borobudur and ancient ruins on the Dieng Plateau in Java.
And various Angkors in Cambodia.

Please take your children with you.

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