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Wednesday, July 12, 2017


There are two subjects which automatically cause my gag-reflex when other people talk. It probably does the same for all sane individuals.
You too might vomit.

Infants and Jesus.

Either one of those is plenty nauseating, but if they are combined they are ten times as bad. Especially when the person speaking has that 'sincere tone' to his or her voice.

"I believe Jesus especially loves the sweet little babies!"

Oh shut up, you frightful excuse for a sentient being. You are talking twaddle, and you have forsaken everything that makes us civilized.
Have you no mercy?

Anytime someone mentions infants and Jesus, an angel is brutally hacked to death, puppies are drowned, and conversation goes on the dung heap.

Infants and Jesus.

Here's a picture of a butterfly offered in hopes that you will stop talking.

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