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Saturday, July 15, 2017


One sentence caught my eye immediately: "Henan’s reputation as a land exhausted by overcultivation and whose principal exports are low lifes and low-income workers, seems unfounded in the glorious blaze of springtime."

---The Rise and Fall of Luoyang (article in the SCMP by Thomas Bird)

Also from that article: "In the 14th-century historical novel Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Luoyang is depicted as the mighty centre of authority, rather like today’s Beijing, populated by scheming officials."

It's worth reading.

Of course, as an American and a Californian, all I can think is that it would be wonderful to burn down a city filled with Republicans. Yes, I know that that would cause the "unfortunate" demise of many Christians and Texans.
But that might be entirely the point.
A justifiable eventuality.

What on earth makes you think I'm referring to Washington D.C.?

It could be any number of urbs on the other side of the Sierras.


On a related note, there is a temple to Guan Yu (關羽 'gwaan yu') on one of the alleyways in Chinatown. No, not the bigger hall on Stockton Street which was named after a San Wui geonymic, but a more modest place of ritual, very near comfortable benches, a small private park, as well as the former headquarters location of my bank.
One of these days I will go in.
I am curious.

The astute reader will understand the connexions.

Note: a lord Guan temple is sometimes called a 協天宮 ('hip tin gung'), especially if located next to a tin hau temple (天后廟). But this is more folk religionish than simple veneration or respectful remembrance.
There is one such combination in Ma Wan Tsuen (馬環村). Very picture worthy.
Overlooking the carp channel, opposite the island.

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