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Sunday, July 30, 2017


The other day North Korea made the proud boast that its missiles could hit every part of the United States. Which is an interesting claim, given that our missiles could wipe North Korea off the map entirely, leaving nothing but a sheet of glass.
Judging by comments underneath articles on the South China Morning Post website and several other papers, some people seem to have forgotten that our capabilities are far, far greater than some brutal tin-pot rinky-tink third world dictatorship.
We also have better defenses against incoming crap (think "Iron Dome"), and we are "blessed" with a bunch of amateurish idiots in Washington who would like nothing better than an excuse to show off their balls.

Unless cooler and wiser heads prevail, this could end badly.

On the bright side it would put our trade deficit on hold.

Look, world, would y'all mind frightfully NOT saying stupid things until we have our Little Orange Problem solved? Yes yes, we know your armchair experts enjoy being pesky irritants, but some of us Yanks actually do read your papers, and consequently are becoming much more likely to gloat when you come a cropper.

And some of our politicians may actually make that happen.

Hong Kong is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

It wouldn't take much to collapse the economy over there. The Orange Faced Loon could start talking tariffs, and beefing up our presence in the South China Sea. As well as imposing more regulations on foreign entities doing business in the United States, or "trading with the enemy".
All in the spirit of good clean fun(!), of course.
Nothing personal. But very ham-handedly.
Like an elephant rubbing against a tree.

The Giant Orange Bottom is not a subtle man.
And Hong Kong is close to an itchy spot.
Right in the storm's way.

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