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Thursday, July 27, 2017


Who yells at a little girl? Who, in particular, yells at a little girl with cake in front of her, telling her to hurry up and scarf it down pdq because time is a-wasting? She's ungrateful, this is taking too long, how damned inconvenient! Of course the little girl silent wept, and didn't finish her cake. And the mom passively allowed her husband's relative or whatever to be a bitch.

[Anger, hatred, venom, and sheer bitch-ass meanness combined in a sustained rant, directed at one small child. Possibly because she was a useless girl-thing, probably also resentment towards the expenditure.]

I would have interceded, but my Cantonese is not good enough to read that women -- both women -- the riot act. Evenso, what is the use of bringing two little girls to a bakery for some cake and then screaming at one of them?

As you can tell, Cantonese women can be real assholes.

It looked like very nice cake too!

Adorable tykes.

The auntie, or whatever the heck she was, in addition to ruining the little girls' enjoyment of some cake ALSO ruined my enjoyment of an egg tart and a curry turnover. I hope she dies of something painful, gets shoved into an urn, and that the urn is forgotten on public transit and dumped.
She's a horrible bad-tempered virago.
Rancid old sow.

No one will ever lament her passing.
Especially not little girls.


Their flaky stuff is delightful and totally worth going into Chinatown for, and during the season they also have an extensive selection of mooncakes. Plus they do Hong Kong hot lunches, like baked spaghetti with mixed seafood, or fried chicken wings & fries, and macaroni. the ladies behind the counter are too young to be your mom, but eternally young enough to be your old classmates from school. A hometown kind of place, our kind of place.

['wing hing bing-kaa chaa chaan teng']
1068 Stockton Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
(415) 981-0123.

The appeal of the place is not limited to Chinese folks. Three young Euries were happily devouring chocolate gateau when I left. While discussing the queerness of toast, beans, and scrambled eggs for breakfast, which one of them had eaten that morning (that being the English fellow; the other two were from Eastern Europe).

Trust me: the cakes there are quite excellent.
You need to dawdle over them.
Maan maan sik.

Just don't go there with vicious bitch auntie.


Knowing that my apartment mate would be monopolizing the kitchen, preparing food for her boyfriend last night, I purchased a Vietnamese sandwich before going home. He has eaten her food nearly every week for several years, I have not been so blessed since the summer of 2010.
When she's doing so, I haven't had my own cooking either.
Honestly, it is extremely irritating.

[Olivier Salad: chunked boiled potato, carrot, dill pickles, peas, eggs, celeriac, onions, chopped chicken & ham, apple, with salt, pepper, and mustard, dressed with mayonnaise. This is something I haven't eaten.]

She is, of course, oblivious to how I feel about this. What with being totally, innocently, Aspergers. It would hurt her to find out.
So I have never explained it.

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  • At 7:38 AM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Semi-useless information: Capital salad (“首都沙拉”, "салат столичный") differs from Olivier salad (“奧利維耶沙拉”, "салат Оливье") in that it has no carrot (胡蘿蔔). It is usually served at Russian New Year.

    Ingredients: 熟馬鈴薯丁(cooked cubed potatoes) 、胡蘿蔔丁(diced carrots),醃黃瓜丁(diced gherkins)、豌豆(peas, which are disgusting!)、洋蔥(chopped onions)、水煮蛋(hard-boiled eggs)、雞肉丁或火腿丁(diced chicken or ham)、蘋果丁(chopped apple)、蛋黃醬(mayonnaise)、鹽(salt)、胡椒粉(pepper)、黃芥末拌勻(yellow mustard)。


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