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Thursday, July 06, 2017


The single male often laments his fate. Especially if he's "mature". This is not that, and this post is far otherwise. Quite the oppo.
I am cackling evilly, like a daemonic elf.
Or goblin.

A headline: "Women graduates 'desperately' freeze eggs over 'lack of men'" It's from the BBC, and delves into the predicament of the modern college educated female.

"Yale University researchers suggested an "oversupply" of graduate women left them struggling to find a partner and "desperate" to preserve fertility.

They said the "man deficit" was worse in countries where more women were going to university, as in the UK.

[End quote]


I really can't feel upset about that. Sorry.

"In the majority of cases the women, who were treated at eight IVF clinics in the US and Israel and interviewed between June 2014 to August 2016, said they could not find an educated man who was willing to commit to family life."
[End quote]

The problem is that they want a man who is buff, studly, funny, serious, adventurous, superbly literate and informed, interesting, cutely posteriored, indulgent of them, quiet, creative, telepathic, considerate, likes the movies that they like, supportive when they're fragile, engaging, a master cook, financially successful, and will raft down the Amazon with them.
Plus a whole host of unquantifiable other things.

All of that. Not one iota less.

Savage Kitten and I broke up seven years ago, we have remained friends.
It was her decision, and at the time I acquiesced, because you cannot force someone to remain in a relationship where she perceives that everything has already been said and done. She had thought deeply about her parents marriage, looked at her colleagues and age-mates, and wanted something more. No, not marriage. Nor children.

Whatever it was, I wasn't it.

We've gotten over that. And yes, we remained friends.

In seven years I have not asked anybody out. Haven't had coffee with anyone, nor even flirted. I am seriously committed to avoiding slapdash relationships like the plague, because they could wreck my life, up the discord ante considerably, and I've seen what's out there.

I like to cook and do it well. I am reasonably literate, and on the whole a calm man with no emotional issues or weird hang-ups.
I do not like handbag shopping.

Minor peculiarities are that I am bored to distraction by sports, speak Dutch and Cantonese, smoke a pipe, and put hot sauce on many things.

And my stuffed animals are very important to me.

People like me do not measure up at all.

Go ahead; freeze your eggs.



I am a boring man. I dropped out of college, and I do not belong to any health clubs. I have no intention of rafting down the Amazon or hiking Annapurna. I eat meat and gluten. I hardly even read.

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