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Sunday, July 02, 2017


Finally! I have the perfect tobacco to smoke while watching Spinal Tap! And if you can imagine height-impaired extras dancing around you, while stoned rockers looks astounded, so do you. You knew it would happen.

Actually, bugger the midgets and long-haired musicians.

Have some tea instead. A strong cup or two of Assam.

I smoked this tobacco four times today, and it was very enjoyable. Despite the inclusion of air-cured leaf it was smooth, grassy-perfumy, and mellow. That last is as good a descriptive as any.


Tin poofle:
"In 2001, I had the honor and pleasure of collaborating with GH&Co's John Gawith on a very special tobacco, and after nearly a year of development, Stonehenge Flake, a modern VA/perique blend steeped in English tradition, was born."

"Fine Virginias are layered with Louisiana perique, and just a touch of burley for added body and a fuller flavor, then steamed, hot pressed, and matured. The cakes are thinly sliced and tinned, ready for your smoking pleasure -- today, and for many years to come."

I shall have to slow down. Any compound that contains Perique benefits from a few days exposure to air, not to dry it out but to allow the Louisiana perversion to fully blossom. And this stuff is tempting enough that I might not give it that chance.

Early morning pastry, followed by Stonehenge and a cup of tea. Noontime cookie, followed by Stonehenge and a cup of tea. A friend brought a quiche Lorraine for our lunch, plus salad, which was followed by Stonehenge and a cup of tea. Had some more around teatime. I am wired to the tits.

Darn good stuff.

NOTE: Another Greg Pease tobacco is presently also on my plate.
See here: Regents Flake.


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