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Thursday, July 13, 2017


A musical curiosity from an earlier time: アラビアの唄 (Arabia no Uta). It's a jazz-tune from eighty years ago. Altogether stellar wake-up music.

Originally 'Sing Me A Song Of Araby' by Fred Fisher.

アダチ宣伝社 ~~ アラビアの唄


Adachi Shinkansa, a musical enterprise started in 1994 by Adachi Hideya (安達ひでや) that performs Chindon (チンドン).

Here's Charan Po Rantan's rendition:

チャラン・ポ・ランタン ~~ アラビアの唄


Charan Po Rantan are two sisters, Momo and Koharu (surname: Matsunaga 松永). Koharu plays the accordion. Momo always performs with a stuffed pig. Which you probably remember from the two or three videos you saw long ago of Minority Orchestra.

Think of their style as Roaring Klezmeratic.

Not entirely correct, but close.

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