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Tuesday, July 25, 2017


Far be it from me to speak ill of our beloved leader's recent political speech to the boyscouts, during which he outlined his plan for arresting Trotskyites and expelling Mensheviks from the hospitals of our great motherland!

All hail товарищ Trumpsk!

Let our enemies tremble!

A stirring hymn:

Марш советских танкистов


Be glad that heroin is now so cheap that all can afford it. For most of us a heroin habit is the closest we'll come to medication, and infinitely cheaper that healthcare will soon be.

The convinced and righteously resolute political fervor fair drips in bucketfulls from this inspiring video. Like steaming blood.

It is great friend of the people Putin's favourite song.

Of course also much beloved by маршал Trumpsk.

Forward, Boyscouts of America, into the storm. For Wisconsin, Michigan, and Merry Christmas! Grab 'em by the pussy! Jamboree!

Here nice example for boy scouts: march now!.
Also then dance!

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