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Saturday, July 29, 2017


If I ever go to Iceland, I have to try einn með öllu. Apparently it is very darn tasty, and may well be the best there is. But the jury is limited, though.
It consists entirely of people who live in or have visited Iceland.

I know what you're thinking. But no, it is NOT Icelandic bee-honey.


Ever since returning to the States I have had a love affair with hot dogs, which are nature's most perfect junk food. Especially grilled and slightly charred, with spicy mustard. I have tried the Chicago dog -- a rather pallid item dolled up with various odd salad-like substances, including artificially coloured pickle relish -- as well as several iconic dogs from places that no longer exist. The best that can be said about them is that the entire package is not by any means gluten-free.

Vegans and other hysterics cannot enjoy them.

The convenience store near where I work also serves dogs. My experience, based on one experiment, tells me 'no'. But I was desperate, just like the last time I ate at McDonalds. Low blood sugar is a bitch.
Tell me, why are Mickey Dee's fries iconic?
They are crap. Horribly nasty crap.
Feh your childhood memories!

Ein með öllu contains ketchup, remoulade, and both raw and fried onions.
In concept it sounds not too dissimilar from the Mexican streetvendor dog offered late at night on Polk Street after the bars let out, minus the bacon and chiles en escabeche. Which is so, so good.

This item is available at Bæjarins Beztu, on Tryggvagata near the city centre. Former president Clinton ate there before he blew a gasket, and Anthony Bourdain liked it. Of course, it was the middle of winter, and by then he had swallowed all kinds of local substances.

Including lots of brennivín.

Which is like tequila.

But better. Much better.

I have it on good authority that Tom Cruise is a short little fella, and you might want to stay away from the shark. But the plokk fiskur (codfish, potato, onions and béchamel sauce) is nice.

[Plokk fiskur: geplukte vis.]

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