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Sunday, July 09, 2017


Long-time San Francisco residents are not particularly fond of tourists, which may come as a surprise. Two major problems is that they do not usually know where they are or where they're going, and if they like the place they might stay. And no one wants that.
Plus, of course, they bring crime. Not only do they lure dubious "visitors" from the East Bay, but for some reason drunken outrages are staggeringly more common during the season.

Fortunately few of them eat at the places which this blogger favours.

An exception being the two extremely well-behaved teenage lovebirds who wandered in the other day looking for buns.
A very refreshing couple.

We need more of those.

I'm fairly certain they were lost, and deliberately so. Happy exploration on a sunny day, interesting things to see, and at the end of it all, buns.
Sometimes I wish I was their age.

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