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Monday, July 10, 2017


The gibbon (Eurasmus) wishes to inform me that while I was out yesterday, strange things happened. Apparently the bug guy (Pierpont) and the she-sheep (Angus) had been jumping each other and egg-nogging like crazy. Both of them have reacted with outrage at this statement, and I do not wish to hear about such goings-on. Discussing it is quite unseemly.
I certainly haven't egg-nogged in years.
Whatever that actually means.

Eurasmus (the gibbon) has a rich inner life.
Sometimes he imagines things.
Stuff that didn't happen.

Besides, I trust that Angus will always act like a lady. Which means that if any egg-nogging took place -- not that I'm saying it did -- it would have been done in private.

I wonder what he means by "egg-nogging"? Most of the stuffed animals are extremely innocent, and still at a stage where certain things are unknown to them. Maybe he means holding hands. Or tickling. Perhaps even kissing each other on the cheek.

Which sounds rather sweet.

It's too early to think of ... you know, "that".

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