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Friday, July 21, 2017


In a move that can only be applauded, Justin Bieber has been banned from China. The People's Republic took this step because of his behaviour, not his appalling music. Evenso. They should be praised and emulated.

A hostile and perverse foreigner:

"The news came in a statement from the Beijing municipal culture bureau, answering a question from a fan about why, with the singer about to embark on an Asia-wide tour, no venues have been scheduled in mainland China.
Justin Bieber is indeed "talented at singing" came the reply, but nonetheless it would not be appropriate to allow him to perform, because of what it called a number of incidents of "bad behaviour." It did not elaborate on exactly which of Mr Bieber's run-ins with the law it was referring to."

[SOURCE: "Bad Behaviour".]

The best that can be said for Bieber is that he isn't Nickelback.

Or, lord-help-us, Lady Gaga.

Further, from the article cited above, "Justin Bieber will be performing in Asia as part of his Purpose World Tour from September, and will be playing in Japan, Hong Kong, the Philippines, Singapore and Indonesia."

Many Chinese fans will be disappointed.
My piles bleed for them.

By the way, the expression 'my piles bleed (for someone or something)' expresses sarcastic disdain. Unfortunately trying to find this explanation on the internet brings up many serious articles about certain issues which are in their own way amusing -- very educational, to be sure -- but in no wise relevant.


The Dutch word for haemorrhoid is aambei, which makes it sound like a fruit, and kind of juicy. The Chinese equivalents are 痔核 ('ji hat') and 痔瘡 ('ji chong') which refer to a nut-like shape and a tumorous quality respectively. The character 核 (' wat, hat') is used in in the expression 核突 ('wat dat'), meaning very ugly, and the name for the walnut (核桃 'hat tou'), as well as several hundred terms having to do with nuclear energy and engineering. The Mandarin Wikipedia article for the condition is far longer and has immensely greater detail than the Cantonese entry; perhaps those Northerners are more afflicted?

Their diet may be a contributing factor.

When I was still a child living overseas I thought that what was meant in that expression was a timber or pillar driven into the ground for building support, necessary in so quaggy an environment as the Netherlands.
As fully explained in this Wikipedia article: Deep Foundation.
Remarkably, there is no equivalent essay in Dutch.
Despite the clear derivation of the concept.

Piles are quintessentially Dutch.

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  • At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonimus said…

    I know that you are interested in the Far East. For example, this post mentions China. Therefore, I am really interested in seeing a post about your opinion peace regarding this article about Thailandish Monks and their decadent lifestyle:

    Very interested to see that post. I'm sure that you'll have good insights.

  • At 7:49 PM, Blogger The back of the hill said…

    Quote from that article: "Monks behaving badly are nothing new in Thailand. The temptations of modern life have thrown up many examples of monks with unseemly wealth, monks taking drugs, dancing, enjoying sexual relations with men, women, girls and boys."

    That says it all. Religious figures are often more fallible than the secular, because of the cloak of invisibility that their "holiness" gives them.

    Gullible believers often cannot see the flaws of their spiritual leaders.

    The modern United States has examples, mediaeval Europe was full of such, and the Far East is no less flawed.

  • At 11:44 PM, Anonymous Anonimus said…

    Can you please post that as a post, please, not just a comment? Thank you so much.

  • At 11:40 PM, Anonymous Anonimus said…

    Please? You don't even have to expand it much -- just post it as a post. A postliche posty post. Thanks.


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