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Monday, July 24, 2017


Thai monks and their incandescent lifestyle:

Quote from that article:
"Monks behaving badly are nothing new in Thailand. The temptations of modern life have thrown up many examples of monks with unseemly wealth, monks taking drugs, dancing, enjoying sexual relations with men, women, girls and boys."

That says it all. Religious figures are often more fallible than the secular, because of the cloak of invisibility that their "holiness" gives them.

Gullible believers often cannot see the flaws of their spiritual leaders.

The modern United States has examples, mediaeval Europe was full of such, and the Far East is no less flawed.

"Men, women, girls, and boys."

Far be it from me to highlight religious low life.

Others have done that so much better.

Once a week the bookseller and I visit a place with two screens. One of the screens has karaoke for tipsy juvenile marketing department drooges, the other often has a Buddhist abbot with phenomenal eyebrows quoting stuff from translations. We prefer the old git with religious waffle. Indeed, neither of us understand him well, though I understand him most.
But at least he isn't screaming.

Except for his robes, he looks pleasant enough.
A sober and likable old fart, though stern.
Probably a closet alcoholic.

Older and calmer than he once was.

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