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Monday, April 10, 2017


It is surprising how depraved and innocent she sounds. As well as clueless. Gigi wishes Pierpont to be her "boyfriend", and Angus is wailing "I want to go home! We didn't have to deal with Nubian sex slaves there!"

I'll admit, Gigi is a very pretty little black kitty. And Pierpont the gallant spider is indeed black. But he and the she-sheep (Angus) have a thing going, and Gigi does not wish to accept or understand that.

Plus Gigi wishes to be worshipped.
And obeyed slavishly.

Apparently strange things go on in the apartment when I am away during the daytime. Strange things also go on when I'm here, but not the same kind of strange.

My apartment mate took the day off today to help her recover from dealing with her crazy relatives. Think of it as a necessary 'sanity break'.

I too at times need to have a day off to calm my mind. For the next two days, as regularly scheduled every week, I shall be resting.

On my days off the roomies are not obstreperous or rambunctious.
Perhaps they fear the "old galoot who smokes a pipe".

I'm not quite sure how comfortable I am with being called the "old galoot".
It sounds disrespectful, and the implications of either part of that term are not, strictly speaking, very flattering.

I prefer to think of myself as the "vibrant and suave (young-ish) fellow with a great deal of real likeability". It just sounds better and more appropriate.

As I am sure everyone who knows me would agree.

Vibrant and suave. Oh very yes.

That's me.

There are no Nubian sex-slaves here.

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