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Sunday, April 30, 2017


Yesterday ended with a lizard. This marks the first time that I have seen a free lizard in the United States, even though I have been here for years.
I feel blessed.

It was, I believe, an Alligator Lizard. Elgaria coerulea coerulea.

It came in and was sunning itself behind the glass next to the door ("ooh, warm!"), we discovered it when we were locking up. It looked blissed-out, but given that lizard facial expressions are all one model, for all we knew it could have been an anguished grimace of existential despair.
We have no way of knowing.

I mentioned the lizard when I got home, and my apartment mate suggested that not offering it shelter and snackies was remiss of me.
I am incredibly heartless.

My explanation that I would have worried about its proper diet and mental health fell on deaf ears.

I have promised that if I see it again I will invite it in.

About the 'Southern Alligator Lizard', Wikipedia begs to inform us that "these lizards eat small arthropods, slugs, lizards, small mammals and occasionally young birds and eggs."

I fear it may go hungry if it relies on me for food.
An adept hunter I am not.

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