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Saturday, April 29, 2017


Unlike American celebrities and wealthy people, who are almost always arrogant stuck-up sticky-bits, and have a bunch of goons at ready to beat the crap out of commoners who dare come too close, northern European notables often have the common touch. One cannot imagine the Koch Brothers, Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and his frightful wife, or Donald Trump enjoying a burger with the citizens at a local festival.

I have no idea whether they even serve burgers at Mar-a-lago.

Here are Dutch royals eating burgers in Tilburg.

Prince Constantijn, Prince Pieter-Christiaan, Queen Maxima.
Food by 'Broodje Jantje'.


A little less sauce and onions (grilled, I believe), so that it would not be so messy. Our former president would do it -- he even picked up his own food in Chinatown when he was visiting -- and Bill Clinton would too -- "burgers, burgers, did someone say 'burgers'?" -- but imagining the current crop in Washington doing so requires more magic than my mind is capable of.

President Xi Jinping of China would probably do it too.

Broodje Jantje has been a Tilburg concept since 1965. Good quality meat, spices, grilled onions, and a zesty sauce. Eight different burgers.
They also make a range of other foods.

Broodje Jantje
Address: Pieter Vreedeplein 2
5038 BP Tilburg
Tel. 013 543 1310


Closed Monday and Tuesday, open from noon till ten at night Wednesdays, till midnight Thursdays and Sundays, and on Friday and Saturday till five in the morning. Have a burger for breakfast. Or before breakfast.

Available for weddings and graduation parties.

Verrek I'm hungry right now.

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