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Saturday, April 15, 2017


It's not that what I ate wasn't good -- the restaurant caters to a lot of single male diners of an age between thirty and three hundred, so their selection of things a solitary person could order is rather exceptional -- but what the two young ladies at the next table had looked scrumptious. One of them was a little chunky of physique, the other one had a pleasing round face and plump little hands. Both were intelligent and vibrant. Probably because of the splendid company and fine food. Or more so than usual.

Steamed rice sheet rolls, fried calamari, fried sauced tofu, sauteed dau miu, and a savoury meat dish. And my heavens those girls packed it in! While keeping up a constant stream of juicy gossip. Ah Sam (a male) is getting serious, Ah Peggy has a problem with her husband (who is ho yiuk maa!), Ah Lilly just gave birth .... chopsticks held with plump little fingers snaked out and grabbed some dau miu, deftly folding the vegetable over so that a precise packet could be delivered to glistening kissy lips. While demanding more details about Ah Peggy and her man, the chunkish miss caused some more dau miu to disappear. As I squooze some Sriracha sauce on my fish, Plump Hands changed the subject; when I looked up she was attacking the calamari and announced that on Tuesday or Wednesday she would "call sick". Which was a good idea, the chopsticks snatching a lump of fried tofu said. There was still some of the steamed rice sheet (corn, cilantro, some fried meat on top), and both women periodically lessened the amount.
Talk talk talk, eat eat eat! Surely this is what heaven is like? Eat more!
The fried tofu seemed endless, but I saw both of them go at it.
The dau miu was diminishing fast, however.
The other food was secondary.

When I finished my tea and paid up, I heard Plump Hands admit that she was bau bau dei (飽飽哋). That did not stop her from continuing, however.
There were dau miu and fried calamari bits to finish!

I applaud her deft little hands and kissy lips.
As well as her lively appetite.

My food was good too. But I cannot eat so much, and when one is limited to rice-plate specials the variety is really not that exciting. The milk tea was yummy, and the other customers were also mildly interesting.
But I really lucked out on that neighboring table.
Eat, ladies, nobody is watching you.
You are alone here.

美食 ('mei sik'): "beautiful eats", refined dainties.
Some very nice casual food.

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