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Friday, April 07, 2017


After waiting half an hour for the bus, and seeing several firetrucks go by in each direction, I finally gave up. And I had so been looking forward to the trip! But it was too inclement. Cold, wet, blustery, and not fit for man nor beast. Even the nearby intersection was devoid of the usual bums and inebriants.

So I did not end up at the Occidental for a late smoke last night. Returned home, placed the two briars on the pipe tray, and left the tobacco there also. Then fixed myself a snack.

I have no idea why those things are called 'Mexican Buns'.

The thinnest of sweet crusts over fluffy white bread, round and breast-like. These were the plain type, no filling. You can also get them with taro paste inside. They feel slightly sticky on top.

['mak sai go baau']

No, it's not a Concha. Nor the Mexican Coffee Bun that you would eat in Singapore. It's a relative of the pineapple bun. But it toasts well, and it is lovely with some butter melted in, and some dry salami and Sriracha hot sauce. I had bought a bag a few days ago in Chinatown, and decided that as I would not be enjoying a final pipe of the day at the Oxxy, I might as well finish the buns. Of which there was just one left.

It took nearly an hour for my feet to dry. I really should not have even tried waiting for the bus. I would like to blame our politicians for this. The horrid weather. The wind at times was fierce enough that the building shook. Things went bump. Where did that typhoon come from? What is our purpose on this planet? Is it time to go back in? Ah the heck with my gay plans for disporting, I need warmth! Good thing there is only ONE bun left, because if I hypothetically found someone outside shivering and whimpering with the cold I would have felt obliged to shelter her and make her a nice hot cup of cocoa to comfort her and there were no cookies!

I am a gentleman. I must think of these things.

After a cup of coffee I went to bed.

I cannot emphasize enough how beastly the wet weather yesterday evening was. Down comforter and lets get naked so we can try to suck the heat out of each other weather. And please keep your nasty frigid feet out the bed weather. I think I'll wear ALL my clothes to sleep weather. Set fire to something now I don't care what I just wanna get warm weather.

But I still regret not getting to the Oxxy last night.

There is very little else going on.

Blasted rain.

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