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Thursday, April 13, 2017


Cruising through clickbait (we all do, no point in denying it) I came across an article on Tickld. It interested me because I sometimes like to read examples of other people failing at life, and doing it very well.

Item number 27 from "29 People Share The Meanest Thing They've Ever Done That They Don't Regret At All."

Quote: "I stole someone's pet rabbit. I went to a party and the guys who lived there kept her in a tiny cage meant for hamsters and blew weed smoke at her face all the time. They never gave her veggies, instead they were feeding her wet cat food so she was super malnourished.

My friend created a diversion and I grabbed the cage and booked it to the car. I took her to the vet and they kept her for two weeks to get her back to normal. She was apparently seizing from the withdrawal combined with dehydration. She was also incredibly mean, due to the abuse.

The vet said there was evidence of prior broken bones that had never been healed. The dudes who owned her had no idea who took her and were posting pleas on Myspace to give her back.

Fat chance! She required intense care, so I gave her to our vet tech who was also our petsitter because I couldn't take care of her the way she required. I don't feel bad about the theft (bunny-napping?) for a second."
End quote.

No, that wasn't mean of you. Mean would have been burning down their house without removing the bunny rabbit first. Or calling the cops on their skanky asses right then and there, which would have done the bunny no good, as she would have been part of the evidence of drug use, and probably tested for THC. You know what that means.

See, in a situation like this, it's okay to poison the punch.
Or open the refrigerator door to take a piss.
Defenestration, and razors.

But save the rabbit first.
Because it's important.

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