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Thursday, October 06, 2016


With the tacit approval of King Bhumibol.....   Students diving into the Chaophraya River were shot at by navy vessels while others who surrendered, lying down on the ground, were picked up and beaten, many to death. Some were hung from trees and beaten, others were set afire while female students were raped, alive and dead, by police and Red Gaurs. The massacre continued for several hours, and was only halted at noon by a rainstorm.
On the afternoon of 6 October after the massacre, the major factions of the military which formed the general staff agreed in principle to overthrow Seni, a plot that King Bhumibol was well aware of and approved, which in turn ensured the success of the coup-makers.

From Wikipedia: Thammasat University massacre.

Note: The Red Gaurs (Thai: กระทิงแดง Krathing Daeng) were an extreme right-wing paramilitary organization active in Thailand during the 1970s. The Red Gaurs played a key role in the 6 October 1976 massacre of students and activists at Thammasat University.
Source: Red Gaurs

Seni: Prime minister Seni Pramoj, three-time prime minister, leader of the Democrat Party, great-grandson of King Rama II. Educated in the law. Ambassador to the U.S. during the Second World War. After the Thammasat massacre he resigned from politics.
He died in 1997.

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