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Monday, October 10, 2016


In life, three of the most monumental ways to waste your time, and infuriating too, are reading the comments, arguing with a Jewish Republican, and watching Donald Trump.

The crazies inhabit the comment strings, Jewish Republicans are always Republicans first and Jews second but you are an anti-Semite or self-hating Jew, and no Trump sex tape is that good

I congratulate myself on NOT watching any single second of the debate on Sunday night. This evening, after reading several comments, and chancing upon an opinion on a pro-Israel page, I clicked on a link.
And saw all of THREE revolting minutes.
Trump is diseased.

"Perhaps it is imprudent to nominate a venomous charlatan"

George F. Will, writing in the Washington Post

I understand that elsewhere in this country there are people so enamoured of Donald Trump that they sat in front of their teevee set with their families, cheering whenever he opened his mouth. And a person whom I very much like has actually lauded him as a Christian, a G-d fearing man.

Lord save us from such G-d fearing men.

Another friend happily opines that "the entire Republican Party is a basket of deplorables". You know something? He's right. The entire Republican Party is a basket of deplorables. Even the ones leaving the sinking ship. The worst, the very worst, utter America-hating scum, are the mental midgets and ethical-defectives who have redoubled their adulation.
Rudy Giuliani and Ted Cruz have no pride whatsoever.
They're whores without a shred of decency.
Panderers and opportunists.

Trump is unclean. That is no human being worthy of consideration, but a venomous crude bigoted racist women-hating vulgarian bully, a certifiable psychpath, possibly daemonically possessed, probably a spreader of venereal disease, and believably a sexual predator.

Trump does not, and cannot, represent the United States.
Except, maybe, the deplorable segment.

"The entire Republican Party is a basket of deplorables!"

All of the Republican contenders running for nomination were pretty bad, but the Republicans went ahead and picked the worst one.
A sub-human, lord-'elp-us.

With ugly pudgy little fingers.

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