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Tuesday, October 04, 2016


Really, what else is one supposed to think when the President of a rinky-tink tin pot country tells the leader of the United States to "go to hell"?
The Philippines is probably the worst parasite we have.
And Duterte is certifiably insane.
Funny, but insane.

If Duterte wishes to establish better relations with, let us say, a big country near him that keeps grabbing chunks of the ocean (guess who) or the Moscow Mad Man, he should go right ahead.

Yes, I realize that Duterte is a crude piece of dreck, and playing primarily to an ignorant audience, but putang ina, his berserk utterances do not play well here in San Francisco. Perhaps in Daly City -- a suburban hellhole if ever there was one -- and in a few other miserable locales, but not in the one place which sometimes pays favourable attention to the Philippines.

Because trust me, nobody else does.

Sneering, at best.

By the way, Duterte, how many of your own citizens have you killed today? And how bad has the human rights situation become? Are you really aiming to be Emperor Bokassa and Idi Amin rolled into one? It may take a while, what with them being the gold-standard of twirling crazy psychopath leadership, but I'm sure you'll get there eventually.

You are talented. Not in a good way, but very talented.

Of course by then nobody will invest in your country.

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