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Monday, October 03, 2016


Last night I was restrained and civilised. Temperate! What I really wanted to eat was bacon, cheese, and chilies. What I had instead was yauchoi and bacon curry with hot sauce. Six stalks of yauchoi for each strip bacon, because leafy vegetables reduce so.
It was toothsome and spicy delicious.
And filled with yummy goodness.

With considerably more fibre than the crispy bacon, cheese, and chilies orgasm-on-a-plate would have had.

If the will is strong enough, anything can be curried.

Had there been a cell phone handy it would have made lovely food porn, with much the same colour-scheme as the bacon, cheese, and chilies.

Please imagine scrumptious lust-inducing food porn right here.

Decide for yourself what your minds-eye should see.

Please do not forget the hot sauce.

It is crimson!

This is not to be mentally reviewed by juveniles under eighteen years of age, invalids, old-people, heart patients, or delicate souls from the centre of the country, where they are easily shocked.

Vegans, on the other hand ......


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