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Wednesday, October 05, 2016


There are more insane people in Chinatown than usual. To clarify, more NON-CHINESE loonies. And whenever I see too many such, I suspect that Ed Lee and the Real-Estate Moguls who run this city are once again letting the neighborhood go to hell as a way to drive the unappealing element out.

Chinatown is colourful, draws tourists, and helps the hospitality industry thrive.

Problem is, it's filled with "those people".

The undeserving Chinese.

San Francisco business interests do not like people who make less than fifty thousand a year, depress the real-estate market by living in poor neighborhoods, and don't spend money on high-end stuff.

There are more for rent signs and shop vacancies.
Ed Lee and his pals must be so happy.
Soon, nothing but yuppies.
It's progress.

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