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Sunday, October 23, 2016


Someone expressed an interest in my blog today. Which is remarkable.
It strikes me, however, that there is an awful lot of stuff here which may require explanation, or which really needs to be understood from the beginning lest misunderstandings arise.

Firstly, I am not a pervert or a lizard-alien. This is very important, don't let anyone tell you otherwise. I do not lie on a hot rock on my days off enjoying the warm sunlight.

Secondly, some posts here have proved quite popular, and are still being discovered by people wandering around the internet. Here are the links to those posts: Dim sum names, how to prepare sea cucumber, what the term ham sap lo means, the definition of French cut, versus, for instance, high cut or granny panties (I did some research, don't ask why), the short story that my aunt in Canada loved (it features animals), fun with feminine hygiene (it's totally clean), and a story that explains why I never get invited to Saint Patrick's Day parties.

Plus, as a lagniappe, a very unsuitable tale about mixing cocaine and HabaƱero chilies. It's cautionary.

An anecdote which several friends really liked: Mister Snow Poof.

And a story which enchanted my ex: celebration for turkeys.
She wanted me to illustrate it, but I don't draw very well.
Maybe sometime.

Thirdly, I have a thing about ceramics: pottery and porcelain terms.

There's also pipes and tobacco.

That covers the really interesting stuff. Most of the time I just gibber a bit about Hong Kong milk tea, food, egregious things, and what I'm smoking in my pipe that moment.

Occasionally I mention badgers,


and Hello Kitty.

There are other subjects, of course. The mind is a cesspool, fecund and richly fermenting, with semi-solid lumps that float to the top.

It all started over a decade ago.
I'm working the kinks out.

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All correspondence will be kept in confidence.


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