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Monday, October 31, 2016


Underneath a recent essay in which I mentioned that making obscene propositions is not one of my many talents (see this post: Do Not Remove the Spectacles), beloved reader Anonymous asked: "you always seem to fall for librarians with glasses and women who like hot bevies -- is that your thing?"
Upon reflection, I believe it well may be my 'thing'.
Along with several other things, yes.
But a definite thing.

It needn't be a librarian. Architects, engineers, chemists, lab technicians and researchers, biologists, and astrophysicists are also in the picture.
As are, it goes without saying, mathematicians and geologists.

Basically, anybody with a brain and bitter disappointment.

Actually, I'm just wild-guessing at the disappointment, operating under the assumption that maybe not her colleagues per se but assuredly program directors and company management are more likely to overlook her talents and abilities than those of an acceptably male candidate.
It may be totally unwarranted in the modern age.
Especially in the Bay Area.
Or not.

Confession: Whether the T(alents) and A(bilities)of people in sales and marketing are overlooked is not really of significance to me. Sales and Marketing are not real subjects. Just four years of hoo-hah.
They could indeed have commendable T and A.
But that is not an issue.

The Spectacles are a visual bonus. A very large percentage of people who mean much to me have spectacles, and I just think that that is a natural characteristic of extremely likeable and admirable people.
Silly, I know, but that's just the way it is.
Humans usually need glasses.

I myself did not wear glasses for the longest time, but now that I can't focus very well on anything less than two feet away, I feel much more likeable than before. I did not used to feel this way.

The hot beverage is very important. Civilized life is founded upon hot beverages, and hot beverages more than anything speak of happiness, comfort, and calmth. Frat boys drink beer, juvenile delinquents and slobboes consume thirty two ounce soft drinks, pretentious twits sip champagne and expensive bottled water, idiots put ice in everything.
Working people, students, and teddy bears drink hot beverages.
The tired, the poor, the huddled masses, crave a cuppa.

Coffee, tea, or cocoa.
It's all good.

"Librarians with glasses and women who like hot bevies -- is that your thing?"


PS.: No, I haven't fallen for anyone.
Don't jump to conclusions.

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